The exclusive brand of The Vintage 15, Austin Nines and El Ochete

Based in Austin, Texas


The Vintage 15

The Vintage 15 is the nation's hottest up-and-coming big band, performing jazz and swing standards with a cool modern vibe. The Austin jazz band features vocalist Kevin Ahart and Rebecca Lambert. The Vintage 15 big band combines sexy chemistry with sizzling swing tunes to bring a swanky sound to events both big and small.

The Austin Nines

Featuring American Idol Finalist, Vincent Powell, The AUSTIN NINES has fused the sound and energy of a live band with the non-stop, back-to-back style of a DJ.  With music covering everything from jazz, swing, 70's, motown, funk, classic rock, 80s hits and today's current pop, The AUSTIN NINES brings the life of the party to your event.

El Ochete

The newest of the MYE trilogy of bands, El Ochete is a sexy, high-energy, explosive salsa band.  Comprised of Austin's best renown salsa musicians, the band features vocalists Josseph Duran and Karen Zavala.  From their sexy onstage chemistry to their sizzlin' arrangements their infectious rhythm will keep you moving all night long